Vektor Dejvice

March 2020 | teamwork with Michal Vrba and Daniel Kovalik | Change Technická street competition submission

This project was placed on the 3rd place in a competition focusing on creating new public space in Technická street. It is an arterial street in our Prague university campus and it will be made pedestrian precinct to serve students and residents.

Vector is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.

Vektor Dejvice presents the way our campus should progress in the next decade. It is a direction pointing towards students residents to meet their needs and to make a friendly multifunctional public space.

The symbols of the new direction are simply reflected in the furniture and the graphic presentation as well. It integrates all the components and makes a coherent unit.

1. bar
Placed in the centre of the street. The simple black shipping container with unifying sign.

2. food stand
Supplemented by the wooden platform which makes a calm nook to sit and enjoy a meal in.

3. repose platform
Is located in a place with plenty of sunshine and close to the bar. Thanks to its broad surface it can host bigger groups of friends as well as individuals. Its inclines are comfortable for laying but it is pleasant for sitting as well. Last but not least it helps to induce a feeling of privacy. The flattened corners can be used as a classic bench or a table while sitting on a grass.

4. amphitheater
Can be found on the calmest place in the whole street. Surrounding building and trees shield the place form the sun and street noise, which makes it perfect for lectures and discussions. A piece of equipment can be easily brought from the adjacent university building.

5. co-work table
A calm working area is located on a shady half of the street, so it is easy to study and watch a computer screen. The wide desk offers plenty of space for people sitting on both sides of the table. The bench facing the pavement is wide enough so it can be used for people to sit by the table and for others to sit facing the street at the same time.

6. event area
For the wide range of events such as concerts or open-air cinema, it is without any furnishing. Can be furnished with foldable promo deckchairs.

7. toilets
Toilets and utility spaces are placed in a remote alley, where linking up to the sewerage system is possible.

Visual presentation
The motive of parallels as an identifying element is used in the visual presentation. Thanks to its simplicity it can be easily and cheaply applied to a variety of goods by using screen printing. For example returnable cups, or any merchandising.

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