Urban Charger

June 2020
supervisor: Martin Tvarůžek, Tomáš Bláha

Urban Charger is an electronic vehicle charger made to be placed in populated urban areas. It is designed to help people understand and accept this new technology. The whole conception, morphology and technological specifics are adapted to suit these purposes.


The morphology suits these purposes and the technology specified for this project, which was laser cutting and bending of metal sheets. The shape is clear and simple, assembled of only two cubic masses. The main one with all the specialised technology and control panels is placed on the pedestal. The pedestal is raised on the side facing the street, which determinates the space against arriving cars. On the other side, facing the pavement, the pedestal is low and hidden, making a comfortable space for pedestrians. Because of the compactness and dark colour, the main part evokes a tunnel opening on the sides where the control panels are attached. It automatically guides the users to a proper approach to the charger. All the control components are aligned to the vertical axis of the panel, which is user friendly and easily comprehensible layout. Big attention is paid to the ergonomically correct height of each component. The key ones are equipped with a light LED frame. It makes easier the orientation during the night and even during the day it lights up when the user is invited to use these components, which makes the use of the charger even easier and way more intuitive.

Technological equipment

There is an independent charging point on each side of the station, or a single charging point can be attached to the wall. For example in the public garage. Both the standard and the wall mount can be installed in the standard height or in the height accessible for wheelchair users.

The charger is equipped with Mennekes Type 2 sockets on each side. It is a universal standard in Europe, which is supported even by plug-in hybrid cars and it is starting to be used with electro scooters as well. Also, it is the most powerful standard for which the standard electricity infrastructure is enough.

On the side facing the street, there is an LED light indication of the current charging status for passing or even waiting drivers. There are four LED panels that evoke a battery charging symbol known from mobile phones, which is easily understandable and visible even during midday.

Ergonomics and layout

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