Tiny house Raumík

June 2021
colaboration: Michal Vrba, Daniel Kovalik

Raumík is a house on wheels with 16 square meters of footprint designed for all year living of an individual or couple. It reacts to the tiny house movement and the main idea is to get rid of useless things, return to a simpler lifestyle and focus on the essential aspects of living. The related and second important aspect is an endeavour to live more sustainably and to get closer to nature. The weight and outer dimensions of Raumík are within the EU limits for transportation on the roadways and the building permit is not needed for placement on the land in most of the countries. This eases the process of purchase and gives significant freedom to the owners. Raumík is even ready for fitting all necessary off-grid technologies, such as solar panels, rainwater tanks and propane solutions.



Inner space conception follows the principles of Raumplan and uses different height levels for each section of the space. Thanks to this arrangement, the tiny and elongated space is used efficiently and it offers enough comfort for the long-term living of two adults. Most of the storage spaces and technological equipment are located under the raised floor of the living space, which makes free space under the bedroom space. This space is then used for spacious bathrooms and entryway, as a crucial element for comfortable long-term use of the space.

All the space solutions and details are designed for the comfort of living with a heavy focus on mutual compatibility of various scenarios of use. During the single day, week, but also during the seasonal rhythm. The equipment is ready for simple modifications and customisations of the end customer, for example, the kitchen is assembled from standard-width cabinets.

material selection

Wood was a primary choice from the beginning of the project. It reflects the approach to nature, which comes through the wood directly to the interior. Also, it turned up to be an ideal solution for the bearing constructions. It is eco-friendly, sustainable and the construction is rather simple and economical, which corresponds with the main ideas of the tiny house movement.

The interior leid around with light birch plywood is warm and welcoming. The large format of plywood makes the space feel larger and enhances the beauty of the fine pattern of wood. The birch plywood makes its way from the interior even to the main front facade. This solution connects the terrace to the interior which then basically happens to be part of the living spaces. This way, the tiny house is opened to the sunny, usually south or west-south, side. On the other hand, to the colder and unknown environment around, the house is showing walls protected by aluminium sheets. It is resistant, easy to maintain and it safes the weight of the whole unit as well width of the walls, which results in more inner space. Thanks to the material selection and its use, the whole has a clean and compact look and it is easily comprehensible for the end-users.

smart space solutions


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