May 2018 | semestral work | supervisor: Marián Karel, Karel Šafařík

The object puts together two contrast materials which are close to our Czech traditions and arouse emotions in some way.

Exactly made piece of optic glass is held and repressed by rough construction concrete. Imminently and irretrievably. The only way how to separate them is to break up both.

purity vs. roughness
nobility vs. purposefulness
fragility vs. mass

The light is conducted by the glass through the mass of concrete and it is being decomposed. The decomposition together with reflections inside the glass tetrahedron intensifies the role of glass as a gem and attracts the attention of bystanders.

Glass as a representative of our tradition in crystal glass making. Every household has at least one set of crystal cut glasses safely exhibited in a vitrine. It is handed from generation to generation and used only a few times a year for super special occasions.

Concrete is bounded with many of our architecture gems from 60′ and 70′. But still, it is perceived with scorn by the general public. The buildings are not accepted and slowly one after another are being knocked down.

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