January 2020

Ovokap is a fruit bowl with a draining function, so there is no need to wipe all the fruits separately. The water is gathered in a dimple in the middle, so the fruits don’t mildew too fast. After it is all eaten, the dimple can be easily wiped out with a piece of cloth.

The morphology of this bowl comes from the shape of a leaf which is bent under the weight of dew so each of the water drops can roll down smoothly and soak up to the ground. From a direct side view the bowl recalls view to a cave, where all the drops precipitated on the ceiling are running down to the middle where they meet and help to make a new stalactite which is slowly getting closer and closer to the ground.

The shape is thought-out to make full use of the potential of chosen techniques. The main body is formed in an organic way, which is proper for blown glass. In contrast, it is complemented by three exact and sharp incisions. Thanks to these, the bowl stands securely in its place and can be easily lifted and moved.

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