June 2019
bachelor’s thesis
supervisor: Jan Jaroš, Miroslav Bednář

Grilík is a portable outdoor BBQ that is easy to carry and use. It combines the comfort you are used for from the garden classic BBQs and the portability by using an expandable design.

It is equipped with straps that hold the parts in their positions and allows the user to carry Grilík as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. Thanks to this anyone can take Grilík easily when travelling by public transport, bike, or even when carrying another bulky luggage.

For efficient combustion of charcoal, Grilík uses a fan powered by a battery. It makes the grill easy to heat up quickly and enables partial temperature manipulation. Most importantly, it allows keeping the required temperature for nearly all time of the combustion. The charcoal is used efficiently, so less is needed, and the non-combusted waste is minimised.

transport setup
In the transport set up, all the parts fit in precisely so space is used effectively and the parts do not make any noise while running to catch up a train. Also, the outer shell is completely closed to secure inner parts and prevent any leaks of dirt.

expanded setup
When Grilík is expanded the venting holes and free space inside appears so the air can be sucked in and circulated which keeps the outer shell cool and safe to touch. Also, the controller of the fan reveals through the venting hole.

For more information see the whole portfolio (CZE) or feel free to contact me.

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