May 2021
part of diploma thesis AEB_30

The concept of seating for the AEB_30 autonomous coach focuses on a simple, but comfortable solution for the journeys of up to around 3-4 hours of travel time.

Construction and morphology

The seat construction is based on a frame that carries all the components like the seat parts, armrests, and also the folding tables on the back of the seat. This simple and rigid construction gives comfort to the passenger on both sides and assures that none of them can minimize the comfort of the other one.

The morphology follows the ergonomy of the human body to ensure the comfort of travel. The sides of the seat are slightly raised for comfortable secure seeing, while the height of the headrest can be easily set by sliding. Also, it is equipped with folding sides for comfy onboard naps. The armrests are attached in vertical rails so its height can be easily adjusted as well.

Reclining principle

The seat is being folded by sliding the bottom part of the seat upwards. The backrest then follows the movement and folds down. Thanks to this principle, folding the seat, any passenger does not affect the comfort of anybody else, but his own. At that, in case more of the seats are folded in a row, none of the passengers lacks the space for his knees.

Personal compartments

Besides the classic elastic seat pocket, passengers have two folding tables at their disposal.

The top one serves more of a shelf, for convenient storage of smaller items. Even if this table is folded out, it does not affect the space of the passenger at all at keeps a high standard of comfort. It is equipped with a beverage holder and a magnetic wireless charger, where the phone can be stored in a vertical position, perfect for watching a video. The induction charger can be also reached from the second/top side of the shelf in case the table is folded out or the smartphone is not equipped with a magnet.

The bigger folding table is meant for active usages, such as working or eating. It can be slid towards the passenger for a comfortable ergonomic position.

Onboard infotainment

Each of the seats is equipped with a small infotainment system. The display of the system fills the beverage holder in case the table is in the folded position. Also, when the table is folded out and the average holder is in use, the cup falls halfway through the hole. Thanks to this solution, the display is always perfectly visible and in reach.

Infotainment gives the passengers exact info about their journey, gives access to a media library and can be linked to the services they use.

more about infotainment

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