April 2019

The concept for two adjacent children rooms makes use of unused loft spaces to expand the area and give it some playful versatility. It is designed to last and to be able to adapt to the increasing age of children.


The staircase is a dominant element of the room. It serves as the main way to the attic with the bed and it hides the main storage spaces underneath. Also, it follows the library and enables easy access to its higher shelves.


The room expands to the attic, which was not used by any means. It gives children a safe and nice space for play and rest. Also, the attic spaces are designed as connected by a sliding door, so the children can play together, while each has its own space in the main room below.

Climbing wall corner

The corner opposite staircase is a universal space designated to change its function easily as the children grow. From the beginning, there could be a slide, later for example pictured climbing wall and anything else furthermore.

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