May 2021
part of diploma thesis AEB_30

The minimalist infotainment system, which gives personalized information about travel, offers an audio library and serves snack and drink orders.

The system automatically pairs passengers user account with his seat. Afterwards, the system gives information about the travel, Through the account, everyone can link the services he uses. Those are then easily accessible through the infotainments interface without the need to use the smartphone.

The first tab of the main screen serves for default text updates about the way. It welcomes the passenger after seating, informs about the estimated time of arrival. In case of longer way, it can remind of the water intake and offer order from the onboard bistro.

Also, the system can suggest podcasts and other media according to the length of the journey and the preferences of the passenger. When approaching the final destination, it can automatically order a Uber pick up on the time of arrival.

Other tabs of the main screen offer other specific views on the journey. For example map view, more detailed information about the passing area or just the number of remaining minutes of the journey.

By swiping from the bottom edge of the screen passenger gets access to the media library, bistro menu, and applications. When swiping from the top edge of the screen, he gets access to the media control centre.

Last but not least. The display can communicate special announcements from the crew.

The system is part of a complex passenger seating solution. It fits the beverage holder when the top storage shelf is folded. The shelf is then equipped with a magnetic wireless phone charger so the smartphone can be easily placed there and stays on the eyes. The induction loop can be accessed also from the other side of the table so the passengers can charge by putting the phone on the table in case their smartphone does not stick to the magnet. The small table is easily accessible even if the bigger one is actively used.

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