January 2020

Presentation of the semestral projects made in our studio led by Filip Streit and Tomáš Polák. It highlights the glass objects and hides disturbing surroundings in a shadow. It draws the visitors in and attracts everyone’s attention. The emphasis is laid on the daylight and the backlight points out the qualities and shapes of the glass objects.

Simple, elegant and pure installation yet dramatically forceful. The brightened surface along the full width of the studio wall, covered with a milk foil, highlights all the details of pure glass. Thumbs up, very professional.

Eva Eisler, part of the Olověný Dušan* competition jury

Photography and special thanks: Tomáš Polák

*Olověný Dušan is a competition held traditionally on our faculty. The jury is set up by practising designers outside the faculty. olovenydusan.cz

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